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2021.09.22 |

The brain is a prediction machine – and music reveals how it works

Life is not only lived forwards – it is also experienced a little ahead of time, and now there is empirical evidence for the claim. AIAS Fellow Niels Chr. Hansen and collaborators have used music to understand the brain's expectation mechanisms. The study is published in Psychological Science.

Photo: Shubiao Wu (Acroecology) and Magnus Kjærgaard (Molecular Biology and Genetics) from Aarhus University. Credit: AU Photo.

2021.09.15 |

Two Villum Experiment grants to AIAS Former Fellows

AIAS Former Fellows Shubiao Wu (Acroecology) and Magnus Kjærgaard (Molecular Biology and Genetics) have each received a DKK 2 million grant by the Villum Experiment programme that reward scientists who question conventional thinking.

Book cover of 'Agent-Based Modeling for Archaeology: Simulating the Complexity of Societies', SFI Press, 2021.

2021.09.03 |

First textbook on simulation in humanities

Advances in simulation techniques are helping to break new ground for our understanding of large-scale, long-term complex trends in social, economic and political systems. The first textbook on the simulation technique Agent-based Modelling (ABM) aimed at researchers studying the past is now published by AIAS Fellow Iza Romanowska and…

Photo: The last AIAS Fellows' cohort from October 2020, taken with corona-safe distancing. By Ida Marie Jensen.

2021.09.01 |

14 new AIAS fellows selected

A group of 14 new AIAS-COFUND Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellows from around the world has been selected in a thorough international, triple peer-review selection process in the spring and summer of 2021.

Photo: Lotte Holm, new head of secretariat at AIAS.

2021.08.16 |

New head of secretariat at AIAS

On 16 August 2021, AIAS welcomes Lotte Holm who will join AIAS as head of secretariat.

Image: A kelp gull attacks a southern right whale calf off Península Valdés, Argentina, gouging blubber and skin from its back while the whale is at the surface (Photo credit: Fredrik Christiansen)

2021.08.10 |

Kelp gull attacks affect the behaviour and increase the energy costs of southern right whales

A recent study suggests that kelp gull attacks negatively affect the behaviour of southern right whales off Península Valdés in Argentina. Scientists arrived at this conclusion after comparing the behaviour of southern right whales at two sites, one with (Península Valdés, Argentina) and one without (Head of Bight, Australia) kelp gull attacks.…

Image: Mixkit Stock Video Free License.

2021.08.10 |

Coping through crisis with coronamusic

Two new, international research studies by AIAS Fellow Niels Chr. Hansen and collaborators reveal that corona-themed music was especially important in regulating emotions during the coronavirus crisis.

The assumptions are described by something called the "heritability model". Most existing tools assume the GCTA Model. This figure shows that for four different tools (from left to right, lasso, ridge regression, Bolt-LMM and BayesR), prediction accuracy always increases when one switches from the GCTA Model to more realistic heritability models (e.g., the LDAK-Thin and BLD-LDAK Models). The top plot shows results for 14 individual phenotypes (including traits such as height, body mass index, neuroticism and hypertension), while the bottom plot shows averages across all phenotypes.

2021.07.07 |

Development of improved methods for predicting complex traits

Former fellow Doug Speed, together with colleagues from BiRC and NCRR, have developed improved methods for predicting complex traits. The work has been published in the journal Nature Communications this week.

Palmyrene portrait, credit: Wiki Creative Commons.

2021.07.07 |

The history of Palmyra through the lens of Palmyrene Portraits

For almost 300 years wealthy Palmyrenes commemorated their deceased with portraits set up in elaborate family tombs. In a new paper, in the Journal of Archaeological Science, the Palmyra Portrait Project reports on how this wealth of information was used to reconstruct the historical trajectories of the city's elite.

Photo: 5-minute lunch talk in the AIAS Hall by Former Fellow Michael V. Clausen. Credit: Ida Marie Jensen.

2021.07.05 |

Five new AIAS Associates from Aarhus University appointed

Five new AIAS Associates from Aarhus University have been appointed for a 3-year period, from August 2021. They will join the 23 Associates that started on 1 April, and together with the AIAS Fellows they form the large multidisciplinary, talented research group of AIAS.

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