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Research Activities of 2024


Laura Nissin is author of the book review of Space, movement, and visibility in Pompeian houses. Studies in Roman space and urbanism' by Michael A. Anderson, Abingdon: Routledge, 2023 in: Bryn Mawr Classical Review, February 2024. Read the review here.

Zakarias Sjöström Dyrefelt gave a talk 'On certain geometric PDE and destabilizing subvarieties' in the programme theme '[EMG] New equivariant methods in algebraic and differential geometry´ at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge. UK, 22 February 2022.

Lene Aarøe gave an interview to Radio4 for the programme 'Hoved og Halen' on how hate speech on social media impacts the democratic conversation, 22 February 2024. Listen to the interview in Danish here (at 1:04:45 in)

Oleg Yarosh is the author of the book chapter 'Ukraine' in: Yearbook of Muslims in Europe, Volume 15, 28 March 2024. Read an abstract here.

Lene Aarøe gave the keynote talk 'Do the facts matter? The persuasive power of statistical evidence and single exemplars among citizens and elites' at the conference 'Democratic Governance in a Turbulent Age,' University of Vienna, 14-16 February 2024.

Corina-Gabriela Ciobotaru is the author of the article 'On wonderful compactifications of SL(2,𝔽) for non-Archimedean local fields 𝔽' in: Communication in Algebra, 9 February 2024. Read the article here.

Cecilie Eriksen gave the talk 'Ludwig Wittgenstein: Sprog, verden, livsform' at Filosofihistorie – fra år 1900 til i dag, Folkeuniversitet, 1 February 2024.

Corina-Gabriela Ciobotaru is co-author of the article 'Symmetry breaking for PGL(2) over non-archimedean local fields' in: IMS Lecture Note Series, 31 January 2024. Read an abstract here.

Cecilie Eriksen gave the talk 'Det meningsfulde liv' at Filosofisk salon - Mølholm, 31 January 2024.

Lene Aarøe gave an interview to the German science podcast 'SWR2-Wissen' on the so-called behavioral immune system and the formation of political attitudes, "Ekel -  Wenn die Abscheu Körper und Denken beherrscht", 26 January 2024. Listen to the podcast here. (Only in German)

Zakarias Sjöström Dyrefelt is awarded a Villum Young Investigator grant of DKK 7 million to pioneer new ways to test solvability of geometric partial differential equations in practice, to improve our understanding of high dimensional complex geometric shapes, 23 January 2024.

Christian Damsgaard is awarded a Villum Young Investigator grant of DKK 7 million to identify the cellular defence mechanisms that allow the fish retinal cells to function in extreme conditions to push our understanding of the limits of cellular life, 23 January 2024.

Lene Aarøe has joined the editorial board of the journal Political Communication, 2024. 

Jaap Timmer is author of the article 'Moses in Melanesia: Political Theology and Corpus Mysticum in Anthropology' in: Journal of Anthropology 9 January 2024 . Read the article here