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Annual Reports

On this page you will find all the Annual Reports of AIAS since our opening in 2013. You can get insights into the research conducted at AIAS and an impression of the international and interdisciplinary environment

Meet the fellows who have been here in the specific academic year, and read about their research projects that span all academic fields.

The latest report of 2021-2022 covers exciting topics as diverse as:

  • The Physiological Evolution of Vision
  • Circadian rhythms - our daily rhythms
  • The Beauty of Pure Mathematics
  • Responses to Democratic Crisis
  • Leisure in Ancient Sparta
  • Phthalate Contamination in Global Food trade and much more…

Each report also includes a record of the research publications and activities undertaken by the AIAS fellows, a listing of the events organized by the AIAS fellows as well as a selection of the events that the Institute has hosted during the respective year.

Enjoy the reading!