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Monograph Fellowships

AIAS Monograph Fellowship

The Carlsberg Foundation offers one-year full-time fellowships for researchers within the humanities or social sciences with a project aimed at producing a ground-breaking monograph or advanced Danish doctoral dissertation.

For successful Carlsberg Monograph Fellowships grant holders, AIAS offers up to five AIAS Monograph Fellowships. The successful grant holders will be provided with optimal working conditions in the AIAS building. 

AIAS Monograph Fellows will have the opportunity to engage with the interdisciplinary and international community at AIAS, while having ample, free time to write the monograph or Doctoral dissertation. Monograph fellows are offered a quiet office space, participation in AIAS Monday lunch and Friday breakfast, the option to participate in all AIAS academic and social activities and excellent administrative support.

AIAS welcomes successful Carlsberg Monograph Fellowship grant holders from all Danish universities. The AIAS Monograph fellowsship does not include funding, and grant holders will keep their employment within their home institution.

AIAS application process

Applicants must send a short letter of interest including an abstract of your monograph proposal no later than Thursday 14 September 2023 o AIAS (Lotte Holm).

No later than Thursday 21 September we will notify you if AIAS will support the application. AIAS will write a letter of support for up to eight applicants describing the optimal and supportive working conditions provided by AIAS during the monograph writing process. In the final selection of the eight supported applications, AIAS aims at supporting researchers from different academic fields and universities.

If more than five applicants out of the eight with support letter from AIAS end up being successful with the Carlsberg Fellowship, the AIAS fellowship will be under the condition, that there is available office space in the building.

The deadline to apply to AIAS is 14 September 2023.

The deadline to apply to Carlsberg is 1 October 2023.

Carlsberg Monograph Fellowships

Learn more about the Carlsberg Monograph Fellowship and apply here.