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Aarhus University Engagement with AIAS

AIAS welcomes and actively supports an ongoing interaction between the Institute, its fellows and Aarhus University researchers and visiting internationals. As a university-based Institute of Advanced Study, one of AIAS’s aims is to function as a common asset for the research environments at Aarhus University.

AU researchers/departments can benefit from AIAS in a number of ways

  • AIAS Associate Programme: offers both young international researchers and established researchers at Aarhus University the opportunity to engage with the AIAS community, explore interdisciplinary collaborations and expand your network. Associate fellows are nominated via the department heads and the deans of Aarhus University. Associate fellows also have the opportunity to invite a collaborator from another university via the AIAS Tandem Fellowshipsee more here.
  • 3-2-1-Go! Collaborative Theme Groups: offers researchers at Aarhus University to participate in the creation of  a collaborative group that brings together researchers from at least three departments, spanning at least two faculties, united by one overarching theme: 3-2-1-Go!
  • Using the excellent facilities at AIAS for conferences, symposia, workshops, meetings and the like. If you wish to hear more or make a booking, please contact AIAS at booking@aias.au.dk. Read more about bookings here. 
  • AIAS Visiting Fellowships: encourage your international colleagues to spend their sabbattical at AIAS to be part of the interdisciplinary community and also work closer together with you at Aarhus University.
  • Have your been awarded a Carlsberg Monograph Fellowship? Then you can apply for optimal office space at AIAS for one year while writing your monograph.
  • Are you an incoming DANDRITE group leader? Then you can apply for an AIAS-DANDRITE Fellowship to enlarge your network and brresearch scope.
  • Expand your network and collaborate with Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan through AIAS's research exchange agreement with WIAS/ Waseda University via the Waseda Visiting Fellowships for Aarhus University faculty or encourage your collaborators from Waseda University to visit Aarhus University via the AIAS-Waseda Visiting Fellowships for Waseda faculty.

New ideas?

AIAS is always open to new proposals and initiatives that will support scholars and contribute to the thriving of the academic environments at Aarhus University and the international communities at large. If you have new ideas or the like, please contact Lena Bering, lber@aias.au.dk.