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Policy on Offensive Behavior

At AIAS, we do not accept any offensive behaviour, including bullying, harassment and discrimination. Everyone at AIAS is responsible for ensuring that offensive behaviour does not occur.

AIAS follows Aarhus University’s Rules for Work Environment and more specifically AIAS also follows and supports Aarhus University’s Policy on Offensive Behavior.

The management and administration team at AIAS would like to stress AIAS’s policy on offensive behavior:

  • AIAS expects all employees to treat each other with respect and decency, no matter differences in culture, gender, opinion, religion, age or background.
  • We all have a duty to object and say no to offensive behaviour – both if you experience offensive behaviour against yourself, and if you witness it.
  • Should anybody feel offended for any reason, AIAS will take this very seriously. What feels offensive is individual. This feeling will not be questioned.
  • Fellows and staff can take the issue of feeling offended to the AIAS management, any part of the AIAS administration team, or to your AU union representative (see contact information below). If you take the issue to any part of the AIAS administration team, they will deal with it in an appropriate and anonymous manner, and take it further according to Aarhus University’s procedure, if this is needed. 
  • You will not be expected to name the person you feel offended by. The management at AIAS will take all approaches about offensive behavior as part of a general working culture at AIAS.

Dealing with offensive behaviour

There are different entrance points of a complaint about offensive behavior, depending on who has offended you, and whom you feel comfortable talking to. They will all take your approach seriously and deal with it appropriately:

  • The management at AIAS (Lotte Holm)
  • The administration team at AIAS (Lotte Holm, Vibeke Moll Sorensen, Lena Bering, Helle Villekold)
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Committee at AIAS (Lotte Holm, Vibeke Moll Sorensen)
  • The union representative at Aarhus University for AIAS fellows: Olav W. Bertelsen, olavb@cs.au.dk