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Opportunities at AIAS

Individual Research Fellowships

An individual fellowship at AIAS gives you freedom and independence to work in depth with a research project for a period of half a year up to three years. Fellowships are available within all research fields, across seniority and nationality, and aims at breaking down academic borders.

The diverse scientific community at AIAS provides fellows with fresh and different insights and perspectives on their own research, leading to new research directions and projects.

Currently, AIAS has six types of individual fellowships: 

Theme-based Research Fellowships

Interdisciplinary research collaboration and innovative ideas are prerequisite for tackling joint societal challenges. AIAS offers theme-based fellowships in joint collaboration with research groups and centres at Aarhus University to address challenges from an interdisciplinary and international perspective.

Three AIAS theme-based groups address the following themes in 2023-24:

Review and selection for theme-based fellow for the year 2024-2025 are in process:

IDEAS for future collaborations and theme-groups are very welcome, please contact deputy director Lotte Holm at lho@aias.au.dk.

Engagement with Aarhus University

AIAS welcomes and actively supports an ongoing interaction between AIAS, the AIAS fellows and Aarhus University researchers, students and visiting internationals.

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