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Here you will find a list of all the recent and historic activities and publications of the AIAS fellows, such as journal articles, book publications, conferences talks and poster presentations, grant and awards, interviews, field trips and much more.

Here you will find a full list of the AIAS fellows's publications generated from the Aarhus University publications registration system, Pure.


Visit the AIAS online book shelves to find a complete list of books and book chapters written or edited by the AIAS Fellows during their fellowships at AIAS.    


In this collection of videos, you can get a visual insight into AIAS, and find knowledge on a diversity of academic research topics in a series of video research presentations by the AIAS fellows, from conferences, outreach activities and much more.

iPerspectives Magazine

iPerspectives is an interdisciplinary online magazine edited by the fellows at AIAS, with contributions from both current and former AIAS Fellows. It was conceptualised by fellows as a platform to share their views on a selected topic.