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2020.10.05 |

Welcome to 14 new fellows

Today is commencement day at AIAS. 14 new research fellows will begin their AIAS fellowship and collaboration with Aarhus University faculty members. The researchers are at AIAS on fellowships that will last from half a year up to three years.

Image: book cover, OUP.

2020.10.05 |

New study of the late antique poem Metaphrasis Psalmorum

The new book ‘Apollinaris of Laodicea: Metaphrasis Psalmorum’ by AIAS Former Fellow Andrew Faulkner is the first large-scale study of the 4th-century poem ‘Metaphrasis Psalmorum’.

2020.09.21 |

AIAS Fellow number 100

With the magic number of fellow number 100, AIAS has now accumulated a strong and diverse community of Former Fellows from across the globe and across academic disciplines. Fellow number 100 is historian and Assistant Professor Bogdan C. Iacob from the Romanian Academy in Bucharest, Romania.

Photo: Niels Christian Hansen.

2020.09.15 |

AIAS Fellow Niels Chr. Hansen member of the Danish Young Academy

Niels Chr. Hansen has been appointed a member of the Danish Young Academy, a network for talented young researchers under the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.

Photo: ERC grantee Micah G. Allen. Credit: Lundbeckfonden.

2020.09.03 |

ERC grant will investigate the influence of cannabinoids on our minds and bodies

Little is known about how the active ingredients in cannabis influence the interaction between brain and body. With an ERC grant of DKK 11 million, AIAS Fellow Micah G. Allen will address foundational questions about how cannabinoids influence our minds and bodies to improve future therapeutic use of the compounds.

2020.09.03 |

New book on The Arab Lefts by AIAS Fellow Laure Guiguis

The collective volume ‘The Arab Lefts: Histories and Legacies, 1950s-1970s’, edited by Laure Guirguis, explores the entangled histories of Left-wing trends and surveys radical Left traditions in the Arab world.

Image: Anatomy of the fish eye. Anatomy of the rainbow trout eye, showing the retina (left) containing the photoreceptors (blue and red) and the vast capillary network behind the retina (right, diffuse green).

2020.08.24 |

Acidic fish eyes see better

A recent study in eLife shows a new mechanism in the fish eye that boosts the retina´s oxygen supply more than 10-fold and enhances the eye's ability to process visual input. This mechanism for improved vision may have contributed to the extraordinary adaptive radiation of the fishes, which today represent half of all vertebrates in the world.

Photo: The last AIAS Fellows' cohort from February 2020. By Melissa Bach Yildirim.

2020.08.18 |

20 new AIAS fellows selected

A cohort of 20 new AIAS fellows from around the world has now been selected in a thorough international and triple peer-review process in the Spring and Summer of 2020.

Jens Leipziger and his colleagues have developed a urine test, that may turn out to be enough to find out how well new drugs for patients with cystic fibrosis work. Photo: Ida Marie Jensen.

2020.08.13 |

A urine test that measures the effect of the new cystic fibrosis drugs

A urine sample may turn out to be enough to find out how well new drugs for patients with cystic fibrosis work. AIAS Fellow Jens Leipziger and researchers from Aarhus University have developed this urine test. The results have just been published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology and are an international collaboration project…

Photo: Constructed wetland planted with Cyperus papyrus in León, Mexico. The system treats domestic wastewater from 120 people. Photo: Marco A. Rodriguez-Dominguez.

2020.07.08 |

Improvement of wastewater treatment in Latin America and the Caribbean

A comprehensive study by a team of wastewater scientists from Aarhus University including AIAS fellow Dennis Konnerup shows that constructed wetlands could be a suitable solution to improve wastewater issues in the region.

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