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Photo: Morten Kyndrup, AIAS Permanent Honorary Fellow, Founding Director. By Maria Randima Sørensen.

2019.09.30 |

First Permanent Honorary Fellow appointed

AIAS founding father Morten Kyndrup has been appointed the first ‘Permanent Honorary Fellow’ by the AIAS Board of Directors from 1 October 2019, when he steps down as director after 8 years at AIAS.

Image: Sketch of a possible physical implementation of the proposed circuit. Each colored box is a superconducting island corresponding to a node in a lumped circuit element model. Josephson junctions are shown schematically as yellow crosses. Bent black wires are inductors. The numbered colored lines are controls for readout and driving of the circuit: 1 and 3 are the flux lines for frequency tuning of the outer qubits, 2 and 4 are resonators capacitively coupled to left and right qubits, and lines 5 and 6 are control and driving of the two middle islands forming the middle qutrit.

2019.09.24 |

AIAS fellows’ collaboration leads to concrete blueprint for a superconducting circuit

A scientific study conducted by current Fellow Nikolaj T. Zinner and Former Fellow David Petrosyan and collaborators in ‘Nature Scientific Reports’ has provided a concrete blueprint for a superconducting circuit that includes a three-level 'artificial atom'. The study outlines how a set of basic calculations can be done considerably faster than if…

Model for the integration and incorporation of cholesterol into cells. Figure: Bjørn Panyella Pedersen/Aarhus University.

2019.09.20 |

Rethinking how cholesterol is integrated into cells

Cholesterol is best known in connection with cardiovascular disease, but cholesterol is also vital for many fundamental processes in the body. AIAS Former Fellow Bjørn Panyella Pedersen and collaborators have now presented a completely new, ground-breaking model for the integration and incorporation of cholesterol into cells, with great impact on…

Photo: Morten Kyndrup. AU Photo.

2019.09.19 |

AIAS founding father Morten Kyndrup bids farewell

Appreciated by its research fellows, attracting several huge EU grants and renowned on the international research arena. This is the AIAS legacy that Professor Morten Kyndrup leaves behind, when he steps down on 1 October, after almost eight years as executive director of AIAS.

Photo: Søren Rud Keiding. By: AU Photo: Lars Kruse.

2019.09.19 |

New AIAS Acting Director appointed

The Rector and Senior Management of Aarhus University have now appointed Vice Dean Søren Rud Keiding from the Faculty of Science and Technology at Aarhus University as acting director of AIAS, from 1 October 2019 until 31 December 2020.

Photo: Yonghui Zeng and Magnus Kjærgaard. AU Photo.

2019.09.12 |

Two Villum Experiment grants to AIAS Fellows

Current AIAS Fellow Yonghui Zeng and former Fellow Magnus Kjærgaard have each received a DKK 2 million grant by the Villum Experiment programme that reward scientists who question conventional thinking.

Photo: The last AIAS Fellows cohort from February 2019. By Melissa Bach Yildirim.

2019.09.05 |

20 new AIAS fellows selected

A group of 20 new AIAS fellows from around the world has now been selected after a long international, triple peer review process in the spring and summer of 2019.