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Aarhus University Engagement with AIAS

AIAS welcomes and actively supports an ongoing interaction between the Institute, its fellows and Aarhus University researchers and visiting internationals. As a university-based Institute of Advanced Study, one of AIAS’s aims is to function as a common asset for the research environments at Aarhus University.

AU researchers/departments can benefit from AIAS in a number of ways

  • AIAS Associate Programme: offering both young international researchers, and established researchers at Aarhus University, the opportunity to engage in the AIAS community, to explore interdisciplinary collaborations, and to use the facilities at AIAS for meetings, symposia, and conferences. The fellowship programme comprises between 40 to 50 fellows that will be nominated via the department heads, and the deans of Aarhus University.  A small budget will be available for academic activities revolving around AIAS.
  • Using the excellent facilities at AIAS for conferences, symposia, workshops, meetings and the like. If you wish to hear more or make a booking, please contact AIAS at, booking@aias.au.dk . Read more about bookings here.

New ideas?

AIAS is always open to new suggestions and initiatives to support scholars and contribute to the academic environments at Aarhus University. If you have new ideas or the like, please contact Lena Bering, lber@aias.au.dk in this matter.