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Associate Fellowships

Yearly Call for Nominations to the AIAS Associate Fellowship Programme for Aarhus University Researchers (February 2023)

The AIAS associate fellowship programme was launched in 2021 with currently 35 Associate Fellows: https://aias.au.dk/aias-fellows/associate-fellows/. The associate fellowship programme has proven to be a successful and stimulating addition to the interdisciplinary and international environment of AIAS. The aim of the programme is to strengthen the ties between Aarhus University and AIAS and to extend the interdisciplinary and international research community of Aarhus University.

Associate fellows are invited to participate in all academic activities as well as the weekly lunches and breakfasts. Associate fellows have the opportunity to engage in the AIAS community, explore interdisciplinary collaborations and to use the facilities at AIAS, for meetings, workshops, and conferences. AIAS offers support for associate fellows’ academic activities and events, taking place in collaboration with AIAS fellows.

The fellowships will be limited to two years, and will be awarded with the expectation of an active participation in the AIAS community.

Each faculty is invited to nominate up to three researchers for an AIAS Associate Fellowship for the period of August 2023 – July 2025. From the faculty nominations a maximum of 10 fellows will be selected by the AIAS Board of Directors.

Eligibility criteria

The associate fellowship scheme is for both established and recently recruited researchers at Aarhus University. It is a requirement that the researcher is in a permanent (including tenure-track) position.

Application requirements

  • Short CV of the applicant (max. two pages).
  • Argumentation for the fellowships’ mutual benefit for the applicant, the department and AIAS, and for the international and interdisciplinary collaborative interest and ambition of the applicant (one page). Written by the applicant.

Nomination process

  • February 2023: Call is sent to the faculties (The Deans’ offices).
  • March – April 2023: The Deans’ offices organize the faculty process for nominations via heads of departments.
  • May 12, 2023: Deadline for forwarding nominations to Lotte Holm (lho@aias.au.dk) and  Helle Villekold (helle@aias.au.dk). 
  • June 2023: The AIAS Board of Directors and the AIAS director will conduct the final selection of max 10 fellows, based on the nominations from all five faculties. In the selection, diversity in terms of gender, disciplines and the match with AIAS fellows will be taken into consideration.
  • June 2023: Announcement of fellowships.
  • August 2023: Beginning of fellowship period.

Questions can be directed to Lotte Holm (lho@aias.au.dk).


Deadline: 12 May 2023.


  • Lotte Holm at lho@aias.au.dk, Head of Secretariat, AIAS Deputy Director.


Currently AIAS has 35 Associate Fellows. See who they are here.