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Associate Fellows

AIAS Associate Fellows Programme for Aarhus University researchers

The Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies is launching a new Associate Fellowship programme targeting researchers at Aarhus University. With this new programme, we wish to offer newly hired young international researchers, and established researchers at Aarhus University, the opportunity to engage in the AIAS community, to explore interdisciplinary collaborations, and to use the facilities at AIAS for meetings, symposia, and conferences. The aim is to strengthen the ties between AU and AIAS, and to attract, recruit, and retain international research talents.

The fellowship programme will comprise between 40 to 50 fellows that will be nominated via the department heads and the deans.

The fellowships will be limited to three years, and will be awarded with the joint expectation of an active participation in the AIAS community. A small budget will be available for academic activities revolving around AIAS.

The Associate Fellowship programme at AIAS has two categories:

Category 1: young international research talents

This category targets young, mainly international research talents, recently recruited to Aarhus University. In addition to the special recognition of the Associate Fellowship, we believe that by embedding Associate Fellows in the international community of AIAS fellows, we can provide the Associate Fellows with a network to facilitate both the scholarly and social on-boarding process at AU. We believe this may be a useful tool, both in recruiting, and retaining international research talents.

  • Volume: Up to 35 fellows. Initially, there are no restrictions on the number of fellows nominated, but as the fellowship programme unfolds, we will adjust its size in collaboration with the department heads. Nominations are accepted year round, and we aim at a very short response time for appointments.
  • Benefits: Access to all AIAS facilities for meetings, symposia, and conferences. Participation in the AIAS community; Monday lunches, Friday breakfasts, weekly research presentations, and annual AIAS events. Short-term access to office space, for example in connection with major grants, interdisciplinary projects, or submission deadlines.
  • Resources: Funding for AIAS related activities will be available.
  • Appointment: Department head, and director of AIAS.

Category 2: established researchers

Established researchers at AU will be associated with AIAS to strengthen the links between the local research environments at AU, and the group of international fellows at AIAS. Part of the new AIAS strategy is to facilitate and inspire new research projects and directions by a stronger exchange of ideas between AIAS fellows and AU researchers. By affiliating well-established researchers to AIAS, we hope to inspire and foster stronger research collaborations. Access to AIAS facilities and resources will support the Associate Fellows in this category.

  • Volume: approximately 15 researchers.
  • Benefits: Same as for category 1, but with a larger budget for events, and for inviting external speakers.
  • If feasible, a compensation of the overall workload related to the appointment will be negotiated in agreement with the department heads.
  • Resources: Funding for AIAS related activities will be available.
  • Appointment: After initial nominations from the department heads, each faculty compiles a list of three nominations. Once a year, a committee consisting of two AIAS board members, one of the AU deans, and the AIAS director will conduct the final selection, based on the nominations from all five faculties.


Søren Rud Keiding, Professor and Director of AIAS  

Call for nominations closed

Deadline: 23 February 2021.