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AIAS Associates

What is the AIAS Associates’ Scheme?

AIAS offers non-Danish Aarhus University researchers of the highest international level access to the fruitful, international research environment at AIAS through the ‘AIAS Associates’ scheme. AIAS Associates are officially connected with AIAS, and will enjoy privileged access to the internationally multidisciplinary research environment at AIAS with academic as well as social activities. 

Who can be an AIAS Associate?

The scheme is addressed at top-level researchers with a non-Danish background who are employed by Aarhus University, of all ages and career stages (except for PhDs and early career postdocs as this also applies to the AIAS fellows). The candidates must be at the highest international level of their respective stage of career, i.e. researchers, who would be (or have been) capable of qualifying themselves within strongly competitive funding contexts (e.g. in connection with ERC or similar).  

What AIAS offers

The offer to an AIAS Associate includes: 

  • Personal invitations to all academic events taking place at and arranged by AIAS (free of charge; including events for which a possible fee may exist). First and foremost, this offer applies to core activities, as for instance the approx. 20 annual Fellows’ Seminars, in which all AIAS Fellows participate and which are followed by a reception and informal social exchange.
  • A standing offer of participating (by prior sign up) in the weekly Fellows’ Monday Lunch.
  • Full access to AIAS’ facilities (including Lounge, conference and seminar rooms etc.) within office hours.
  • Special access to the booking and use of AIAS’ facilities for meetings, workshops, etc. In connection with such meetings, AIAS provides service (coffee etc.), by prior appointment, to the same extent as enjoyed by the AIAS Fellows. 

AIAS Associates will be appointed for a fixed period of time, usually up to 2 years. Upon appointment, AIAS Associates assume no specific obligations, but AIAS will be expecting the AIAS Associates to take up the above offers to some extent. 

The appointment procedure

The initiative of appointing an AIAS Associate lies with the heads of department or the center/research directors at those of the interdisciplinary centers, which do not refer to specific institutes. The head/director will be localizing possible international candidates and will, if relevant, inquire with these, whether something like this would be of interest. Subsequently, the head/director will contact AIAS’ executive director and, if an agreement to proceed with the candidate is reached, this will result in a process involving the exchange of the candidate’s CV, etc., and finalized by AIAS’ formal approval (or the opposite) of the candidacy.

When and if the candidate accepts the offer, he or she will be officially welcomed and presented to the residing AIAS Fellows, e.g. at a Fellows’ Monday Lunch.

For reasons related to capacity, AIAS has a limit of a total number of 12 AIAS Associates at a time.


AIAS Executive Director, Professor Søren Rud Keiding at keiding@aias.au.dk.