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Aarhus University’s Research Centre for Shaping Digital Citizenship (SHAPE) and Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS) are pleased to announce five theme-based fellowships of a duration of ten months from September 2023 to June 2024.

Our societies and individual lives are increasingly and rapidly shaped by data and algorithms. SHAPE is a research centre which aims to promote democracy and active citizenship in a world which is characterised by data and algorithms. The goal is to generate knowledge at a high international level as well as contributing to the public debate, business communities and civil society.

The theme of this call is 'Democracy and Digital Citizenship'Fellows will investigate the relationship between data/algorithms and democracy/citizenship, and thereby contribute to SHAPE’s collective task of developing insights into digital citizenship. Suggested projects can draw on theories and methods from all academic fields in investigating topics in which data and democracy are at stake.

Why apply for an AIAS-SHAPE Fellowship

Interdisciplinary research collaboration and innovative ideas are prerequisite for tackling joint societal challenges. Strengthening global cooperation among relevant research communities will have a significant impact on tackling the direct and indirect human consequences of technological development and increased digitalization.

The SHAPE theme-based fellowships seek to enhance interdisciplinary and global collaboration by engaging an interdisciplinary and international group of excellent researchers in theme-based research projects within the scope of SHAPE.

The research fellows will be based at AIAS with office space and facilities for interaction, in small, medium and large groups. AIAS provides a unique interdisciplinary setting, which offers researchers the opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary research, to broaden their research profile and to collaborate with an inspiring international and multidisciplinary community at AIAS, the interdisciplinary research environment of SHAPE and Aarhus University as a whole. Applicants for a fellowship should bring intellectual curiosity and readiness to engage in discussions beyond any disciplinary boundaries.

Who can apply

The call is open for researchers of any nationality and from all academic disciplines with research profiles within the thematic scope of the call.  The target group of the programme is talented researchers at all career stages with minimum a PhD at the time of application deadline.

AIAS and Aarhus University strive to create not only a multidisciplinary, but also an inclusive academic environment, and applicants are welcome regardless of race, religion, nationality, sex, gender, age and disability.

Applicants apply individually, but the five selected candidates are expected to also work together as a group during the course of the fellowship. Furthermore, relevant researchers from SHAPE will be affiliated with the selected group of fellows.

The fellowship includes

All fellows are offered a salary based on seniority (employment conditions and wages are regulated through the Danish collective union agreements), relocation assistance and relocation costs such as transportation and visa permits, if applicable. Fellows will have an office space, the opportunity to participate in the infrastructure of AIAS, in academic training activities, and in conferences and workshops at AIAS and at the relevant research environments at Aarhus University.

How to apply - the application process

Applications must be submitted online via: GrantOne by 1 February 2023 at 12.00 (noon) CET.

In the ‘Guide for Applicants,’ you can read more about the detailed application requirements, how to use the online application system and the selection process and the selection criteria. 

After the application deadline, applications will be subject to an eligibility screening. A review and selection panel, consisting of research members from SHAPE and the AIAS management, will evaluate each eligible proposal and make the final selection. 

Timeline of the application process

  • Opening of call: November 2022.
  • Deadline for applications: 1 February 2023 at 12.00 (noon) CET.
  • Evaluation and selection period: February-April 2023.
  • Applicants will receive answers: April 2023.
  • Fellowships begin: 1 September 2023.

For more information about the process, guidelines or the application system, please contact Programme Manager Helle Villekold at helle@aias.au.dk.


SHAPE – Shaping Digital Citizenship is a research centre which aims to promote democracy and active citizenship in a world characterised by data and algorithms. The goal is to generate knowledge at a high international level as well as contributing to the public debate, the business community and civil society.

SHAPE is a knowledge-seeking, open centre at which a cross-disciplinary approach is regarded as a necessity; and where collaboration with politicians, decision-makers, organisations and other stakeholders is given high priority. SHAPE wishes to contribute to the development of the digital democratic society of the future: locally, nationally and internationally.

For further knowledge about SHAPE, please refer to: https://shape.au.dk

About AIAS

As an 'Institute for Advanced Study,' AIAS brings researchers together across disciplines, seniority and nationality. AIAS offers fellowships for excellent researchers from all core academic disciplines to pursue cutting-edge research projects for the benefit of society and humankind in optimal research conditions.

The daily encounter with the diverse research disciplines at AIAS provides fellows with fresh and different insights and perspectives on their own research, leading to new and unexpected research questions and ideas.


  • Helle Villekold at helle@aias.au.dk or on +45 30588129 for further information.


  • 1 February 2023 at 12.00 (noon) CET.

My AIAS fellowship has enabled me to expand my research program in a variety of interesting new directions, through collaboration and dialogue with the rich interdisciplinary community of AIAS Fellows and Associates.

Micah G. Allen, AIAS-COFUND Fellow 2019-2022