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‘Learning culture’ in the Danish education system

A presentation of the Danish Education System by Centre for Educational Development, AU.

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Friday 28 October 2022,  at 09:30 - 11:00


AIAS, 1630.301


Centre for Educational Development, AU

The Danish education system has its roots in the philosopher Grundtvig’s ideas about making education free and accessible to everyone. Today in Denmark the classroom, whether in school or at the university, is a relaxed place where no titles are used and a hierarchy is not evident.

The presentation considers what this means for the teaching environment and how this potentially affects learning, both with peers and with teachers. 

The short presentation will be interspersed with discussions in groups.

Sarah Robinson is the expert, who will be presenting at this event. Sarah Robinson is Associate Professor and Educational Anthropologist interested in the purpose of Higher Education and the future of the university.  Her research spans curriculum reform, policy in practice, ethnographic methods, teacher agency and enterprise education.