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AIAS Project Recap Seminar - progress, challenges and changes

Three 15-minute talks by AIAS Fellows Jeffrey Kerby, Niels Chr. Hansen and Ruben Pauwels.

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Monday 12 December 2022,  at 13:15 - 14:30


The AIAS Auditorium

Close to finalising their 3-year AIAS-COFUND Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowships at AIAS, fellows Jeffrey Kerby, Niels Chr. Hansen and Ruben Pauwels will present the progress and insights, challenges and changes that they have faced along their way.

The format of the AIAS Project Recap seminar:

13:15 – 13:30: ‘The many scales of Artic ecological dynamics: confronting contradictions and gaps with new tech' by Jeff Kerby.

13:30 – 13:35: Questions and commentaries to Jeff Kerby

13:35 – 13:50: 'Why humans make music: uncovering missing links in the behavioural and neurohormonal underpinnings of musical evolution' by Niels Chr. Hansen.

13:50 – 13:55: Questions and commentaries to Niels Chr. Hansen.

13:55 – 14:10:  '“DEEP-CBCT” - Next-Generation Dental Cone-beam Computed Tomography: Artefact Reduction and Bone Quality Assessment through Deep Learning' by Ruben Pauwels.

14:10 – 14:15: Questions and commentaries to Ruben Pauwels.

14:15 – 14:30: Panel discussion.

14: 30 –  Coffee and Christmas cookies in the AIAS Hall.

What is an AIAS Seminar?

The AIAS Seminar is a session of seminars held by the AIAS fellow or by other speakers proposed by the fellows. In each seminar, one fellow will present and discuss his/her current research and research project, closing off with a question and discussion session.

All seminars are held in English, and open to all interested.