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AIAS Fellow Bjørn Panyella Pedersen has been awarded the highly prestigious ‘Early Career Grant’ from DuPont

Bjørn Panyella Pedersen has been selected as one of nine ‘2015 DuPont Young Professors’ on 4 June.

'This is an amazing acknowledgement of our work and a great honour for me. The research in my group focuses on understanding sugar and cholesterol transport at a structural level', says Bjørn Pedersen. 'There is a strong need to understand these processes in more detail both from a basic research perspective as well as from a biotech perspective. The group was started about a year ago, and I am very proud that we, in this short time span, have been able to establish a position that has allowed this exciting starting point for our future research.'

The DuPont Young Professor program supports talented young faculty members in the early stages of their careers. Since its establishment in 1918, the DuPont Young Professor award has supported more than 700 young professors primarily in the US with over $50 million in grants.

The nine members of the DuPont Young Professor Class of 2015 are all key scientists on the staff of leading universities around the world. The company will provide this outstanding international and interdisciplinary group with over $400,000 during the next two years to support their research that advances basic science knowledge to address global challenges in food, energy and protection.


Bjørn Panyella Pedersen

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