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AIAS Summer Gathering 2022

AIAS invites all current, former and associate fellows, staff and the board of directors to the Annual Summer Gathering on Thursday, 16 June from 16:00-22:00 for an inspiring and joyful afternoon and evening together at AIAS. The afternoon starts with five short 10-minute talks, this year within the theme of Order and Disorder.” 

After the academic part, there will be drinks in the Hall, or hopefully outside if the weather permits, followed by an informal dinner, provided by a food-truck that will serve us freshly-baked pizza and salad. 


16:00-17:30: Five short 10-minute talks, followed by discussion

  • "Order and Disorder in the Ecosystems" by Jeff Kirby, AIAS Fellow, and prev. Dartmouth College, USA
  • "Order and Disorder in the Brain" by Barbara Berger, postdoc, AIAS Fellow and prev. University of Birmingham, UK
  • "Order and Disorder in the Numbers" by Corina-Gabriela Ciobotaru, AIAS Fellow and prev. Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques, Paris, France
  • "Order and Disorder in the in the Heavens" by  Anders-Christian Jacobsen, AIAS Associate Fellow, Professor, School of Culture and Society, Theology, Aarhus University
  • "Order and Disorder in the Urine" by Jens Leipziger, AIAS Former Fellow, Professor, Department of Biomedicine, Aarhus University

17:30-18:00: Reception with refreshments.

18:00-22:00: The food-truck will arrive with an AIAS street food menu with pizza, salads and some sweets, accompanied by music and refreshments.


Deadline: Monday, 13 June via the 'Register' button on this page.