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Fri 19 Mar
09:00-10:15 | Online
AIAS Seminar: Karen Gram-Skjoldager, AIAS Fellow
When International Organizations Improvise: Institutional Responses to European Security Crises, 1920-2000
Mon 08 Mar
14:15-15:30 | Online
AIAS Seminar: Thomas Leppard, AIAS Fellow
Human social complexity: good explanations, bad explanations
Wed 03 Mar
15:00-17:00 | Online
AIAS at the Classical Antiquity and its Heritage Seminar Series: Hale Güney
Provincial Boundaries in North-West Galatia in the Light of New Epigraphic Evidence
Wed 03 Mar
14:00-15:30 | 1630.301 or online, depending on the COVID restrictions
AIAS Research Seminar: Racism and Anti-racism Discussion Group
Mon 01 Mar
14:15-15:30 | Virtual via Zoom
AIAS Seminar: Søren Egedal Degn, Aarhus University
Peering into the Darwinian microcosm: The extraordinary abilities and striking dangers of B cells
Thu 25 Feb
10:30-16:00 | Virtual via Zoom
Joint Research Presentations: Extended Fellows' Seminar
Short 6-minute research presentations by all AIAS Fellows.
Mon 22 Feb
14:15-15:30 | Virtual via Zoom
AIAS Seminar: Cristina Esteva Font, AIAS Fellow
Prostaglandin receptors and kidney: Potential role of prostaglandin receptors in chronic kidney disease (CKD)
Fri 12 Feb
16:00-17:00 | Online via Zoom
AIAS at JQ Young Academy at Goethe University: Sandra Eckert, AIAS Fellow
Frauen in der Politischen Öffentlichkeit. Damals und Heute
Wed 10 Feb
14:00-15:30 | Online
AIAS Research Seminar: Racism and Anti-racism Discussion Group
Tue 09 Feb
15:00-18:00 | Online, via Zoom
AIAS and Between Music Joint Workshop: Under Water Reverberation Workshop

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