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Rikke Schmidt Kjærgaard


Current position: Founder & Executive Director, Videnskabsklubben, Denmark

During her Jens Christian Skou Junior Fellowship, Associate Professor Rikke Schmidt worked on the project "Interdisciplinary visual approaches to molecular and nanoscale data analysis".

Project at AIAS

The rapid increase of molecular and nanoscale data in contemporary science has produced an urgent need for developing new visual frameworks and tools to explore, analyze and communicate data. The unprecedented scale, resolution, and variety of data pose new analytical challenges. New methods and design frameworks are needed to take on complex subjects such as dynamics and supramolecular assembly, and to accommodate a need of interacting with data from different sources and on different levels of time and scale.

It is impossible to understand the functional mechanisms, internal motions, and how cellular signals affect the response of protein molecules from crystal structures at different static states only. While the field of integrating and improving visualization tools and experimental data is still very much in its infancy, this research project combines usability, multi-scale representation, design and visual analysis, exploring new ways of providing bio-nanoscience with integrated frameworks and improved visualizations from which scientists can gain insights into molecular processes.

Visualization research improves our analytical power and prepares for the tremendous riches of data being generated. The key objectives for this research project are to produce a new graphic standard framework for molecular and nanoscale science; and to develop exploratory 3D animations specific for bio-nanoscience data analysis using high-end 3D software initially developed for the art and entertainment industry.


Project title:

Interdisciplinary visual approaches to molecular and nanoscale data analysis

Area of research:


Fellowship period:

1 Nov 2013 – 31 Jan 2017

Fellowship type:

Jens Christian Skou fellow

This fellowship has received funding from The Aarhus University Research Foundation.