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Anastasiia Sydorenko

Former AUFF-Ukraine research fellow, Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, Denmark, and Assistant Professor, Bogomolets National Medical University and Ukrainian Children’s Cardiac Center, Kyiv, Ukraine

Current position: Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Aarhus University, Denmark

Research interests

During her AIAS-Research Fellowship Anastasiia Sydorenko worked on the project “Workplace bullying in cardiac surgery or how to prevent medical errors because of bad communication”.

It is not usual to speak openly about the phenomena of bullying in medicine, especially to bring the problem outside the department or institution. Many researchers and journalists who have tried to investigate this problem of bullying show that it is as old as the profession, widespread and is in a vicious circle of abuse of power and authority. The psychological consequences of hierarchical relationships in the cardiac surgery team need additional research, it is especially important to understand when this is a part of highly effective treatment outcomes, and when it is the cause of poor team communication and possible medical errors.

This project aims to increase the professional resilience of cardiac surgeons who are just beginning their practice and reduce the phenomenon of bullying in the profession, regardless of gender, age, nationality and other individual differences. To do this I also hope to find out which leadership styles are currently most used in cardiac surgery departments and/or clinics compared to bullying problem and then open reporting of morbidity and complications.

Collaborating department at Aarhus University during her fellowship

The Department of Psychology, School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University

Area of research:

Medical psychology and bioethics in medicine   

Fellowship period:

22 Apr 2022 - 21 Apr 2023

Fellowship type: 

AUFF-Ukraine fellow

This fellowship has received funding from The Aarhus University Research Foundation (AUFF)