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Andrew James Latham

Postdoc, Department of Philosophy and History of Ideas, Aarhus University

During his AIAS-PIREAU fellowship, Andrew James Latham will be working on the project 'Understanding our concepts of health and disease (UHD)'

Project Description

The aim of project “Understanding our concepts of health and disease” (UHD) is to develop our understanding of our concepts of health and disease and its connection to health inequalities. To achieve this, UHD will combine traditional philosophical theorizing with new results from experimental philosophy. The first part of the project, in collaboration with Somogy Varga, will examine our concepts of health and disease using experimental philosophy. Based on these results, the second part of the project will then suggest revisions to these concepts, guided by normative considerations, such as the need to combat existing and rising health inequalities.

Short Bio

I work primarily at the intersection between ethics, metaphysics, and the cognitive sciences. Prior to coming to Aarhus, I was an Anderson Junior Research Fellow at the University of Sydney, where I also received my PhD. Before that I was educated at the School of Psychology at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Later in 2024 I will commence a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Post-Doctoral Fellowship investigating psychological impossibility.

Project title: Understanding our concepts of health and disease (UHD)

Area of research: Philosophy

Fellowship period: 1 Sep 2023 - 30 Jun 2024

Fellowship type: AIAS-PIREAU fellow



AU Pure Profile

This fellowship has received funding from The Aarhus University Research Foundation (AUFF)