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About AIAS

"Why AIAS"

Four fellows from four different disciplines give you an insight into why they find AIAS and the idea of an Institute for Advanced Study inspiring and useful in their academic career.  

AIAS Research Presentations - Short video lectures during corona

"Dispersal and ice nucleation activity in airborne microalgae – their impact on atmospheric processes"

by Sylvie Tesson, AIAS-COFUND Fellow

"Reframing the Sibylline Oracles"

by Helen Van Noorden, AIAS-COFUND Fellow

"Reconstructing ancient demographics through archaeological-historical data and computer simulation"

by Iza Romanowska, AIAS-COFUND Fellow

"Culturalism: The Remaking of Race in the American Century"

by Stefan Bargheer, AIAS-COFUND Fellow

"Sensory evolution from a bird's eye perspective – the physiological basis for superior eyesight”

by Christian Damsgaard, AIAS-COFUND Fellow

Public outreach and collaboration

“National Geographic Explorer Series: Jeff Kerby” at the NI Science Festival

Jeffrey Kerby, AIAS-COFUND Fellow

Under Water Reverberation Workshop

By Between Music and in collaboration with AIAS

AIAS at the European NetIAS Lecture Series on "Borders", 2020

“Opening the borders of symptom management”

by Lisa M. Wu,  AIAS-COFUND Fellow


"Methyl Detect, a source for DNA Methylation assays: Spin-out company"

by Tomasz Wojdacz, AIAS-COFUND Fellow, Co-founder of Methyl Detect

AIAS Metric Culture Conference, 2017: Organized by Btihaj Ajana, AIAS-COFUND Fellow

"Metric Culture Conference: Introduction"

by Btihaj Ajana, AIAS COFUND-Fellow and Morten Kyndrup

"Metric Culture Conference: Keynote"

by Deborah Lupton

"Metric Culture Conference: Panel F"

Quantified Self, race and embodiment

"Metric Culture Conference: Panel I"

Quantified Self, ageing and rehabilitation

"Metric Culture Conference"

Film screenings Q&A Session

World AIDS Day December 1, 2015: 5 lectures on HIV with Paul W. Denton

"Search for an HIV Cure (Part 1 - Impact)"

by Paul W. Denton, AIAS-COFUND Fellow

"Search for an HIV Cure (Part 2 - Origins)"

by Paul W. Denton, AIAS-COFUND Fellow  

"Search for an HIV Cure (Part 3 - Epigenetics)"

by Paul W. Denton, AIAS-COFUND Fellow  

"Search for an HIV Cure (Part 4 – Cure Strategies)"

by Paul W. Denton, AIAS-COFUND Fellow   

"Search for an HIV Cure (Part 5 – Trials)"

by Paul W. Denton, AIAS-COFUND Fellow