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Theme-based Fellowships at AIAS

AIAS offers three types of theme-based fellowships in collaboration with and within the thematic scopes of 'PIREAU - Platform for Inequality Research at Aarhus University',  'SHAPE - Shaping Digital Citizenship.' and GreenLab.

A theme-based fellowship is individual, but within each of the three themes, five fellows will work together to adress and explore the theme from an interdisciplinary and collaborative perspective. 15 fellowships are available in total, and the theme-based fellows will commence at the same time, on 1 September 2023.

The five AIAS-PIREAU and the five AIAS-SHAPE fellowships are currently under selection. Five GreenLab-VILLUM Fellowships are open for application.

Application deadline: 16 May 2023.


My AIAS project has been a stepping-stone for setting up new fruitful collaborations with researchers outside the natural sciences, including researchers in biomedicine, clinical medicine, and pathology, which has provided me with new tools and approaches to addressing my scientific questions.

Christian Damsgaard, AIAS-COFUND Fellow 2020-2023