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AIAS Seminar: Introduction Research Presentations

New AIAS Fellows and Associates present their research in short 4-minute presentations.

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Thursday 7 September 2023,  at 14:00 - 17:00


AIAS Auditorium

Meet the New: Introduction Research Presentations (IRP)

4-minute research presentations on topics from all academic main areas.

The purpose of the Introduction Research Presentations event is to maximise and support the AIAS Fellows' and AIAS Associates' academic integration and collaboration at AIAS and at Aarhus University. It is a chance for all the new Fellows and Associates to present themselves, their field of work and their research question to each other, to the rest of the fellows and to other people in the audience.  

All interested are welcome to join the presentations, or selected presentations. 

See here who the new AIAS Fellows appointed are.
See here who the new AIAS Associates appointed are.


The scheduled time of each presentation may change closer to the event.

14:00 - 14:04     Lotte Holm
14:05 - 14:09     Cecilie Eriksen. AIAS-SHAPE Fellow
                             Area of research: Digital technologies and moral change
14:10 - 14:14     Ali AmidiAIAS Associate Fellow
                             Area of research: Psychology and Behavioural Sciences
14:15 - 14:19     Louise Young, AIAS-Visiting Fellow
                              Area of research: History and Japan Studies
14:20 - 14:24     Lukas EsterleAIAS Associate Fellow
                             Area of research: Electrical and Computer Engineering
14:25 - 14:29     Peter Danholt, SHAPE Researcher
                              Area of research: Democracy and Digital Citizenship
14:30 - 14:34     Joachim AudetAIAS Associate Fellow
                              Area of research: Ecoscience
14:35 - 14:39     Janet Rafner, AIAS-SHAPE Fellow
                              Area of research: AI and Creativity
14:40 - 14:44     Alan O'LearyAIAS Associate Fellow
                             Area of research: Media Studies
14:45 - 14:55     Q&A

14:55 - 15:05     Break

15:05 - 15:09     Jes Bak Sørensen, AIAS-PIREAU Fellow
                              Area of research: Public Health
15:10 - 15:14     Lindsay Weinberg, AIAS-SHAPE Fellow
                             Area of research: Science and Technology Studies  
15:15 - 15:19     Ebbe Sloth AndersenAIAS Associate Fellow
                              Area of research: Nanoscience
15:20 - 15:24     Iben Have, Carlsberg Monograph Fellow
                              Area of research: Sound studies, Musicology, and Media Studies
15:25 - 15:29     Mads Fristrup SchouAIAS Associate Fellow
                              Area of research: Genetics, Ecology and Evolution
15:30 - 15:34     Donna Briggs BødtkjerAIAS Associate Fellow
                             Area of research: Biomedicine
15:35 - 15:39     Andrew James Latham, AIAS-PIREAU Fellow
                             Area of research: Philosophy and History of Ideas
15:40 - 15:44     Haftom BayrayAIAS Fellow
                              Area of research: Economy
15:45 - 15:49     Chao Sun, AIAS-DANDRITE Fellow
                              Area of research: Molecular Biology and Genetics
15:50 - 16:00     Q&A

16:00 - 16:10     Break

16:10 - 16:14     Christian Ulrik Andersen, AIAS-SHAPE Fellow
                              Area of research: Digital Technologies, Aesthetics and Culture
16:15 - 16:19     Nicholas Haas, AIAS-SHAPE Fellow
                              Area of research: Political Science
16:20 - 16:24     Lene Aarøe, AIAS-SHAPE Fellow
                             Area of research: Political Psychology and Communication
16:25 - 16:29     Thomas Dong Won Kim, AIAS-DANDRITE Fellow
                              Area of Research: Biomedicine
16:30 - 16:34     Maarten GoestenAIAS Associate Fellow
                             Area of research: Chemistry
16:35 - 16:39     Ciara Kierans, AIAS-PIREAU Fellow
                              Area of research: Social Anthropology 
16:40 - 16:44     Cindrilla ChumduriAIAS Associate Fellow
                              Area of research: Biological and Chemical Engineering
16:45 - 16:49     Taro Kitazawa, AIAS-DANDRITE Fellow
                              Area of research: Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, and

16:50 - 17:00     Q&A