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Jes Bak Sørensen

DEFACTUM, Region Midtjylland (Central Denmark Region), and the Department of Public Health, Aarhus University

During his AIAS-PIREAU fellowship, Jes Bak Sørensen will be working on the project:
'Pathways to increased social equality in health'

Project Description

The research project aims to address the multifaceted factors contributing to social inequality in health. By leveraging epidemiological data and conducting trial interventions, our objective is to develop scalable and widely disseminated interventions.

The underlying causes of social inequality in health, often referred to as the "causes of causes," encompass various living conditions that influence health behaviours and psychosocial stressors ("causes"). The "consequences" of social inequality in health manifest as disparities in morbidity and compromised mental and physical well-being. These consequences further exacerbate disparities in employment, income, and premature mortality, forming a chain of "consequences of consequences." Additionally, social inequality influences screening, diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation, which subsequently impacts the effectiveness of healthcare interventions.

By utilizing this model, we can identify areas where various sectors can collaborate to mitigate social inequality in health. Through close collaboration with practitioners, decision-makers, and politicians, we strive to translate research findings into actionable strategies. This cooperative approach ensures that our work aligns with the needs and priorities of the communities we serve, fostering a more effective and impactful approach to public health improvement.

Short Bio

My primary research focus revolves around using population data to enhance public health outcomes through collaborative efforts with practitioners, decision-makers, and politicians at the regional and municipal levels.

The "how are you?" health profiles, which has a profound societal impact by providing an extensive knowledge base on health within municipalities. These profiles serve as valuable resources for both research projects and evidence-based decision-making.

Project title: Pathways to increased social equality in health

Area of research: Public Health – applied epidemiology and societal impact.

Fellowship period: 1 Sep 2023 - 30 Jun 2025

Fellowship type: AIAS-PIREAU fellow



AU Pure Profile

This fellowship has received funding from The Aarhus University Research Foundation (AUFF)