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Young Scientist award to Anastasiia Zymaroieva

AUFF-Ukraine research fellow and ecologist Anastasiia Zymaroieva is awarded ‘Young Scientist of 2021’ by the Ukrainian Parliament. The notification of the 2021 awards have been delayed due to the war imposed on Ukraine.

Photo: ecologist, AUFF-Ukraine Research Fellow Anastasiia Zymaroieva. Credit: Anastasiia Zymaroieva.

Anastasiia Zymaroieva is a currently an AUFF-Ukraine research fellow at AIAS and conducts her research at Biochange (Center for Biodiversity Dynamics in a Changing World)​​​ at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Aarhus University. It is Anastasiia Zymaroieva’s research study on "Modeling of spatial and temporal variation of productive potential and biodiversity of agrolandscapes of Polissia and Forest-Steppe zones of Ukraine" that has won the competitive selection of works by the Ukrainian Parliament (the Verkhovna Rada) Prize for Young Scientists for 2021, a state award for scientists in Ukraine.

Anastasiia Zymaroieva is an ecologist and before leaving Ukraine, she was an associate professor and head of the Ecology Department in Polissia National University, and a senior researcher at The Chernobyl Radiation and Ecological Biosphere Reserve, Ukraine.

More about the award via (in Ukrainian only):

https://kno.rada.gov.ua/news/main_news/75977.html and the names of the laureates via: https://itd.rada.gov.ua/billInfo/Bills/pubFile/1574605


Anastasiia Zymaroieva
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