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The World Pandemic Research Network launched

The first global, real-time directory of research and research resources on the societal and human impacts of the COVID19 pandemic is launched with support from the global and European networks for Institutes of Advanced Study.

2020.05.13 | Lena Bering

Image credit: WPRN.

In an international and interdisciplinary initiative led by the Paris Institute of Advanced Study, the World Pandemic Research Network, WPRN, was launched in April to better understand the human and societal impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and help prepare the aftermath. Already now, the WPRN is supported by close to 200 academic institutions in more than 60 countries.

The Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, AIAS, at Aarhus University supports the WPRN with a number of fellows, covering a broad range of research areas, who have been allocated as referents for the network.

The WPRN is a searchable global directory of research projects, surveys and initiatives about the societal and human impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, and is accessible on www.wprn.org

Registered projects get a time-stamped WPRN-ID number and a WPRN webpage, presenting their project. It enables other researchers and stakeholders to get in touch and to follow and cite project updates or pre-publications. The directory of projects is searchable by area, discipline, type of project and content.

The WPRN also disseminates links to calls for research and/or for collaboration, questionnaires, conference/webinar announcements and more generally all publications and resources that are of use for research on Covid-19 societal and human impact. The WPRN provides links to these resources. 

Contribute with project, referents and become a partner institution

AIAS encourages researchers, institutions and organisations to register their research projects and offer their support to accelerate the spread of knowledge and to advance new collaborations.

Registration is free, and each contributor remains completely independent for action and publication. The WPRN is a non-profit, public funded academic resource, GDPR compliant and does not publish, give or sell e-mail addresses to third parties.

It is steered by an international Scientific Advisory Board and supported by major scientific institutions and scientific networks worldwide. It is the product of a collective scientific intelligence, with validation by senior scholars who act as referents in their fields.

To become a partner institution, you must contribute with five referents among other things. Read more about this opportunity here: https://wprn.org/institutions/ 


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