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The unique properties of water

AIAS Director Søren Rud Keiding contributes to the book series Tænkepauser, Reflections, with a new book on water. As a chemical physicist, Keiding dives into the wondrous properties of water and takes us on a freezing or vaporizing experience.

Image: Cover of the Tænkepause/ Reflections book on 'Vand'/ Water by Søren Rud Keiding.

On the surface water looks like a simple molecule made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen - H2O. Water is the basis of all life and plants, and is scattering the energy of the Sun on the Earth. But, when we seek the source of the vital and amazing properties of water, the transparent substance becomes blurred and much more complex. The inner attraction power of water makes the most important molecule in the universe behave differently than all other compounds.

Professor and AIAS Director Søren Keiding has studied water during his entire research career, and in the 60-page book entitled Vand, he shares his knowledge of the complex properties of water, which is perhaps the most remarkable molecule in the universe. The book is published in Danish on Aarhus University Press, November 2021.

Know more about the book (in Danish) here



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