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The second call for AIAS-COFUND fellowships is now closed

The AIAS has received 150 applications in the second round of applications from researchers from around the globe for up to 12 fellowships.

The second cohort of applications goes neatly hand in hand with the overall aim of the AIAS of academic diversity and international breadth as it covers researchers from all main academic areas with 45 different nationalities, represented by the UK, Germany, India, the US, Italy, China, and Spain as some of the main foreign national groups. With 26 senior researchers, the cohort has a majority of junior researchers with 124 of its kind. The 150 applications are distributed between the two genders with 43 females and 107 males respectively, and grouped among the 4 main faculties in this manner: 81 applications from Science & Technology, 40 from Arts, 20 from Business & Social Sciences and 8 from Health and Medical Sciences.

External review focused on excellence

All applications will be ranked according to the criteria of excellence and to ensure an open, fair and transparent competition between the applicants this ranking is carried out in a complex external international peer review process in three rounds. This extensive process will last from February to late June, when the applicants will receive answers. The new fellows appointed in this cohort will commence at the Institute between September 2015 and April 2016.

Individual research interest, multiple research areas

An AIAS-COFUND fellowship provides talented researchers from all academic disciplines with unique conditions for pursuing their own research interest for a period of up to three years, free from other obligations than exactly their core activity: researching. Besides this, the AIAS fellows are a part of a multidisciplinary environment in which they are given the opportunity to exchange projects, ideas and key points with other high-level researchers from diverse academic disciplines in an international environment.

Applying in the future

As the AIAS-COFUND fellowship programme has received a grant of DKK 46 mill from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research, this type of fellowship will be available from the period of 2014-2018 for talented researchers holding a PhD and a minimum of two years of research experience after the completion of their PhD. The next call for AIAS-COFUND Fellowships is expected to open late October 2015 with an application deadline in late February 2016 and commencement date between 1 September 2016 and 1 April 2017.

Read more about the AIAS at: www.aias.au.dk


Executive director and Professor Morten Kyndrup, kyndrup@aias.au.dk

Helle Villekold, Programme Manager, helv@au.dk

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