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The AIAS welcomes 9 new talented researchers

On 2 February 2015 the AIAS takes a new step forward when AIAS alumni will hand the academic torch to this new cohort of AIAS fellows and hereby securing the constant fire of scientific talent at the Institute.

Photo: The current AIAS fellows. By Maria Randima.

The 9 new fellows commencing on the 2 February represent a composition of 5 external COFUND Marie Curie fellows and 4 internal Jens Christian Skou fellows. This constellation will ensure a link between the AIAS fellows to the ‘local’ Aarhus University research environments as well as extending the scientific tentacles of both the Institute and Aarhus University to the scientific world abroad. 

Interacting with high-level researchers

The 9 future fellows are all selected in a peer-review process to ensure a free and fair competition among the applicants, who are all rated according to the criteria of excellence. They will add to an Institute that is characterized by talent, academic comprehensiveness and international diversity. You can meet and take part in the academic discussions with the AIAS Fellows at the Fellows’ Seminar Series which are open to the public, and held 8-9 times each semester. See the Spring 2015 programme at: http://aias.au.dk/aias-fellows-seminar/.

For more information on the 9 future AIAS fellows and their research projects at the AIAS, please follow the links below:

AIAS-COFUND fellows commencing February 2015:

  • Assistant Prof., Umit Akbey, Leibniz Institute für Molekulare, Germany
  • Associate Prof., Orietta Dora Cordovana, School of History Classics and Archaeology, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Postdoc, Óscar José Martín García, Dept. of History, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
  • Associate Prof., Ronald Fischer, School of Psychology, Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand
  • Associate Prof., Sonia Coriani, Dept. of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Trieste, Italy.

Jens Christian Skou fellows commencing February 2015:

  • Associate Prof., Christian Ulrik Andersen, Information Science, Dept. of Aesthetics and Communication, Aarhus University
  • Associate Prof., Paul W. Denton, Infectious Diseases, Dept. of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University Hospital
  • Associate Prof. Karin Lykke-Hartman, Dept. of Biomedicine, Aarhus University
  • Prof. Martin Holmstrup, Arctic Research Center, Dept. of Bioscience, Aarhus University


Executive director and Professor Morten Kyndrup, kyndrup@aias.au.dk

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