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The Aarhus Complexity Massive: New ABM network at AIAS

AIAS Fellow Iza Romanowska has together with Arthur Hjorth from the Department of Management at Aarhus University formed an agent-based modelling and Complexity Science interest group, the Aarhus Complexity Massive. All interested are invited to join the interdisciplinary group of scholars.

Complexity pervades all aspects of the world. From the flock of birds to a crowd gathering to celebrate the New Year’s, from water molecules encountering an obstacle to an epidemiological curve - virtually all natural and social systems are inherently complex.

In the last few years, or decades in the case of some disciplines, we have seen a surge in applications of two novel techniques across different domains: agent-based modelling and network science. They seem to come with bold claims and a lot of promise although both are still in their formative years.

“The aim of this informal group is to create a community of people who are interested in or work with complexity science techniques, such as agent-based modelling. We will meet twice a month and use this time to look at the different applications, tools, models and frameworks used. We aim to use this space to discuss our ongoing projects, get feedback on models and paper drafts, plan possible events and lots more," says Iza Romanowska about the “Aarhus Complexity Massive” that will begin on 4 November at 3:30-4:30pm.

Interdisciplinary initiators

Iza Romanowska is an AIAS Fellow and is also affiliated with the Aarhus University Centre for Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet). Iza is both an archaeologist and a complexity scientist and has initiated the interdisciplinary interest group together with AU-faculty member and Learning scientist Arthur Hjorth from the Department of Management and the Science at Home team at Aarhus University. They encourage all interested in or working with complexity science techniques to join the group.

Forthcoming meeting dates are


To join the interest group, please send an email to either Iza iromanowska@aias.au.dk or Arthur arthur@phys.au.dk. Future meetings will be posted at the AIAS webpage so watch this space for developments: https://aias.au.dk/.


Meetings will be held at AIAS, the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, but due to corona, the meetings are currently moved to the virtual meeting ground of Zoom. 


Iza Romanowska, AIAS Fellow, Postdoc

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