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Research exchange agreement between AIAS and WIAS, Waseda University, Japan

As a result of AIAS’ visit to Japan in the autumn, AIAS and WIAS, Waseda Institute for Advanced Study in Japan, have now finalized an exchange agreement that will support the exchange of researchers and ideas for the next three years, from 2024 to 2027.

Image: Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan. Logos: Waseda Institute for Advanced Study (WIAS) and Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS).

During AIAS’ visit to Japan in November 2023, AIAS and WIAS experienced a link of common academic interests for instance within the development of Artificial Intelligence, the Green Transition and the Anthropocene. In realization of these joint interests and to enhancing cross-continental and cross-disciplinary collaborations and exchanges, a mutual exchange agreement has been formed that enables researchers from Waseda University to join AIAS/Aarhus University on a research stay. Vice versa researchers from AIAS or Aarhus University can join WIAS/Waseda University in Tokyo on a 1 to 2 months research visit.

AIAS has, thus, initiated the ‘AIAS-WASEDA Visiting Fellowships’ that are open for application by researchers from WIAS/ Waseda University, Japan. The first deadline to apply is in May 2024.

“Our visit to Japan has borne fruit with our opening of the AIAS-Waseda fellowship programme that will bring Japanese and Aarhus University researchers closer together. More than ever, it is of importance to establish research collaborations across continents in a destabilized World marked by many common crises and challenges,” said AIAS Director Andreas Roepstorff.

“AIAS and WIAS have a mutual and genuine interest in working together to address these challenges and to form lasting collaborations.”

WIAS at Waseda University has also established a Visiting programme that will support incoming researchers from AIAS/ Aarhus University. The next call is expected to open in April 2024.

About the AIAS-WASEDA Visiting Fellowships

Through the AIAS-WASEDA Visiting Fellowship programme, AIAS at Aarhus University offers one to two visiting fellowships to researchers from Waseda University and/or Waseda Institute of Advanced Study in Tokyo, Japan. The visiting fellowships are open to outstanding researchers who are looking for an opportunity to engage in the international and interdisciplinary research community of AIAS and to collaborate with the research environments at Aarhus University.

Visiting fellows will have their daily office space at AIAS and will have the opportunity to participate in the activities at AIAS and at the relevant research environments at Aarhus University. AIAS offers optimal office facilities, and a thriving international and interdisciplinary community with joint social and academic activities.

Benefits of an AIAS-WASEDA Visiting Fellowship

  • Office space and access to the lecture hall and meeting room facilities at AIAS
  • Integration into an inspiring interdisciplinary and international research community
  • Access to all social and academic activities at AIAS
  • Administrative support for hosting academic events and conferences
  • Travel costs are covered by the sending institution (WASEDA/WIAS)
  • Accommodation in Aarhus (for one person in university housing or equivalent) is covered by AIAS.

First application deadline: 1 May 2024

The application deadlines vary according to start date:

  • May 1, 2024: for visiting fellowships starting in the fall of 2024.
  • November 1, 2024, for visiting fellowships starting in the spring of 2025.

Early applications for later starting dates are always welcome.

AIAS-WASEDA Visiting Fellowship call:


More about WIAS/ Waseda University:



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