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New project website by AIAS Fellow Btihaj Ajana

‘Metric Life’ website, a new online platform dedicated to the critical study of the rising phenomenon of the Quantified Self and self-tracking culture.


AIAS Fellow Btihaj Ajana has recently launched her project website http://www.metriclife.net. This research project examines the Quantified Self and self-tracking culture. You can follow the project's updates on:

Twitter: @MetricLife

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MetricLife/

‘Metric Life is also a curatorial space and we are inviting submission of visual and textual material from users of self-tracking technologies which engages with practices and habits of  tracking physical activity, food consumption, and the various other aspects of fitness and health. Critical commentaries are also invited’, explains Ajana. See more at http://metriclife.net/multimedia/submission/.

Approved material will be displayed on the Metric Life website.


Btihaj Ajana, AIAS Fellow, and Associate Professor, King’s College London, UK 

Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, AIAS
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