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New documentary film by AIAS Fellow Btihaj Ajana is out now

The film is part of Ajana's AIAS COFUND Fellowship project and focuses on self-tracking practices and habits.

Quantified Life is a new portrait documentary film focusing on the self-tracking practices and habits of a dedicated self-quantifier from Denmark, Thomas Blomseth Christiansen. Thomas is no ordinary self-tracker. For the last eight years, he has been meticulously tracking and documenting various aspects of his life and health, ultimately ridding himself of his severe allergies and improving his overall health, as a result. The film captures some of Thomas' experience while also providing reflections on the wider implications and ethical dimensions of self-tracking and quantification.

You can watch film on: https://youtu.be/qI75kMqctik


Btihaj Ajana, AIAS Fellow, and Associate Professor, King’s College London, UK 

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