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New book on Greek Dialogue in Antiquity: Post-Platonic Transformations

A new book by AIAS Fellow Katarzyna Jażdżewska offers a comprehensive study of the Greek genre of dialogue in antiquity, including new sources and bringing novel insights.

Image: Book cover of 'Greek Dialogue in Antiquity: Post-Platonic Transformations', Oxford University Press.

In a new book entitled Greek Dialogue in Antiquity: Post-Platonic Transformations published at Oxford University Press in 2022, AIAS Fellow Katarzyna Jażdżewska reexamines evidence for Greek dialogue between the mid-fourth century BCE and the mid-first century CE, which is a time period that has remained overlooked and unresearched by researchers studying this literary genre.

Katarzyna Jażdżewska reassesses in her work Post-Platonic and Hellenistic evidence, including papyri fragments, which have never been discussed in this context. She challenges the narrative of the dialogue's decline in the Hellenistic period and subsequent revival in the imperial times. Instead, Katarzyna Jażdżewska argues for the genre's unbroken continuity from the Classical period to the Roman Empire, and shows that dialogues and texts creatively interacting with dialogic conventions were composed throughout Hellenistic times. Hereby, Katarzyna Jażdżewska proposes to reconceptualize the imperial period dialogue as evidence not of a resurgence, but of continuity in this literary tradition.

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Greek Dialogue in Antiquity: Post-Platonic Transformations by Katarzyna Jażdżewska. Oxford University Press: 2022.


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