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New AIAS Advisory Board formed

With eight new, strong members a new Advisory Board to AIAS is formed – a forum that has as its aim to advice the AIAS management and Board of Directors in academic and strategic affairs.

Top (from left to right): Professors Nadia Al-Bagdadi; Mette Birkedal Bruun; Bo E. Honoré; Peter C. Kjærgaard. Bottom (from left to right): Professors Wilhelm Krull; Cheryl Mattingly; Poul Nissen; Isabelle Torrance.

The composition of the new Advisory Board brings both experienced research leaders from Danish universities and institutions together with international research leaders. The eight members come from very different research expertise areas, institutions and cultures, and contribute with several years of leadership experience from both academia and other sectors. A composition that speaks well to the mission of AIAS that also brings fellows together across research disciplines, borders, generations and traditions to form new ways of thinking and break new ground to the benefit of society and humankind.

“I really look forward to work with our new advisory board. The group of highly esteemed researchers and scholars in the new advisory board is a unique opportunity for us to draw upon national and international experience and insight in developing new strategies at AIAS,” said AIAS Director Søren Rud Keiding.

The new AIAS Advisory Board members are:


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