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AIAS Off-Site Seminar for AIAS Fellows

Working Interdisciplinary – Communication, Collaboration, and Funding

Photo: Sandbjerg Gods

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Monday 25 September 2023, at 08:30 - Tuesday 26 September 2023, at 13:15


Sandbjerg Gods

The primary focus of this year’s Sandbjerg Seminar revolves around various facets of work-ing interdisciplinary. The advantages and benefits are numerous, yet they are accompanied by challenges and barriers that can, at times, hinder collaboration. These obstacles may arise from different approaches, methodologies, and cultures in the various academic disciplines.

This has led to questions such as: How can we improve communication and fundamental understanding across different disciplines? How can we bridge the gap between the sciences and create a shared language that promotes more enjoyable, coherent, and effective scientific knowledge across boundaries? Furthermore, how are you as researchers moti-vated to foster scientific exchange and mutual understanding and facilitate the emergence of new ideas and unlikely collaborations?

Additionally, the seminar will draw attention to one of the primary challenges: funding! Many funding bodies are designed to support research within specific disciplinary boundaries fol-lowing the current university structure, making it difficult for interdisciplinary projects to fit neatly into existing funding frameworks. This misalignment often leads to inadequate or inappropriate funding opportunities for interdisciplinary research, forcing researchers to compromise the interdisciplinary nature of your work to fit within established disciplinary categories.

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