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CANCELLED: AIAS Fellows' Seminar: Tomonori Takeuchi

Memory modulation by light

2018.12.04 | AIAS

Date Mon 27 May
Time 14:15 16:00
Location The AIAS Auditorium, Building 1632, Room 201

CANCELLED: AIAS apologises for any inconvenience (27 may 2019).


Most of our everyday memories are forgotten. However, retention of these trivial memories is enhanced when something novel happens shortly before or after the time of memory encoding. Using a cutting-edge method of cell-type specific activation of brain cells by light, we found that inputs from the brain area called ‘the locus coeruleus’ to ‘the hippocampus’, another brain area, drive the novelty-induced memory enhancement via a release of one brain chemical called ‘dopamine’.

Short bio

Tomonori Takeuchi, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor at Department of Biomedicine, an AIAS-COFUND fellow from 2018-2019 and a Team Leader at DANDRITE, Aarhus University, Denmark. In 2017, he received the Novo Nordisk Foundation Young Investigator Award 2017, funding a project running from 2017-2024.             

Tomonori Takeuchi's project at AIAS

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