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Call for posters to AIAS Conference

The international conference ’The Hands of time: Multiple Perspectives on Aging’ to be held 11-12 June 2015 is now open for submission of posters. The call closes on 1 March 2015.

A constellation of AIAS fellows and Aarhus University researchers are collaborating on the organisation of the two-days conference held at the AIAS.

Topic of the conference

Aging has been studied from a variety of perspectives, but often within separate academic disciplines.
This conference will bring together high-level researchers from around the world from different
academic disciplines to explore a variety of perspectives on ‘Aging’ to address one of the key global
challenges in the world today: Our increasing aging populations. The conference will seek to enlighten
the main theme of ‘Aging’ from the following four different main academic areas: ‘The Aging Human
Individual: Body’; ‘The Aging Human Individual: Mind’; ‘The Aging Society’ and ‘Aging and Culture’.

Call for posters

We invite researchers, scholars and PhD students of all academic disciplines to submit poster presentations that present research relevant to the conference topic.

See the full conference topic at the conference website

How to submit?

Proposers should submit an abstract of app. 100-150 words by 1 March 2015 to:

Proposals should include an abstract of the poster, name and contact information of the proposer. Proposers
will receive notification on whether their proposal has been accepted by 23 March 2015.

Read more about the conference at:



Lena Bering, Communications officer, lber@aias.au.dk.