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Call for abstracts to Nordic Remote Sensing Conference at AIAS

The international conference ‘Nordic Remote Sensing Conference’, NoRSC’19 to be held at AIAS on 17-19 September 2019 is now open for submission of abstracts. The call closes on 15 April 2019.

The Nordic Remote Sensing Conference 2019 (NoRSC’19) aims to bring together researchers in the broad field of Remote Sensing in, but not restricted to, the Nordic and Arctic countries. NoRSC’19 will provide a transdisciplinary platform for researchers in both academia and industry, involved in the acquisition, analysis and applications of remotely sensed data to share their knowledge, and will serve as a forum for networking, to promote collaborative projects.

NoRSC’19 is organized by AIAS Fellows Anna B. Neuheimer and Cici Alexander in collaboration with five researchers from different Aarhus University departments, and the Programme Committee includes researchers from all five Nordic countries from nine institutes/Universities.

Call for papers

The organizers cordially invite researchers and students to submit abstracts to be considered for a poster or an oral presentation at NoRSC’19.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Laser scanners – Satellite, Airborne, Terrestrial and Bathymetric
  • Nanosatellites
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones)
  • LiDAR and Radar
  • Optical and Thermal imagery
  • Data/image classification
  • Data Fusion
  • Processing and analysing ‘Big Data'

Applications in:

  • Archaeology
  • Conservation
  • Forestry
  • Land Use and Land Cover Mapping
  • Marine science
  • Snow & ice
  • Urban studies (planning & management)

Abstract must be submitted in the following format to research.activities@aias.au.dk, with “NoRSC’19 – Abstract” in the subject line:

Type of presentation: [Oral/Poster]
Contact email: [Include institutional email address of the corresponding author]
Abstract: [Max. 300 words]

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 15 April 2019

Applicants will receive notification of acceptance by 14 May 2019. 

Read more about the call and the conference



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Cici Alexander, AIAS Fellow

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