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Book publication on Euripides by AIAS Fellow and Classicist Isabelle Torrance

In her new book ‘Euripides’, Torrance engages with the thematic, cultural and scholarly issues that surround Euripides’ plays to demonstrate why Euripides remains a figure of perennial relevance.

Book cover: I.B.Tauris/ Bloomsbury.

'What is it that makes the tragedies of Euripides relevant for a contemporary audience and readers?’

This question is the point of departure in AIAS-COFUND Fellow Isabelle Torrances’s new book Euripides (Bloomsbury Press 2019). The book is a guide to the Euripidean corpus – from the widely read and celebrated Medea to the lesser-known and deeply ambiguous Alcestis. Among other themes, the book addresses social context, performance theory, philosophy and religion, textual criticism and reception.

The book will appeal to readers who are interested in classics and classical reception, and in drama and theatre studies.

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Euripides (London: Bloomsbury Press 2019) by Isabelle Torrance


Isabelle Torrance, Associate Professor, AIAS-COFUND Fellow
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