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Best poster prize to AIAS Fellow Asad Jan

Asad Jan receives the first prize for his poster presentation at ‘Neuroscience Day 2018 - Rewarding Neuroscience’ held at Aarhus University on 1 May.

2018.05.02 | Lena Bering

Photo: Asad Jan.

Yesterday 1 May, AIAS Fellow Asad Jan presented the poster “Novel therapeutic targets in neurodegenerative diseases: Lessons from the studies on the role of translation regulator eEF2 kinase in Alzhiemer and Parkinson disease” at the ‘Neuroscience Day 2018 - Rewarding Neuroscience”and was awarded the first prize for his presentation. The prize was awarded among 56 posters. 

This year, the Neuroscience Day 2018 attracted more than 450 attendees, and the central themes were ‘Reward and Punishment, Gambling and Addiction, Compulsion and Motivation, and Pleasure and Anhedonia’, i.e. the underlying molecular mechanisms in the healthy brain and what goes wrong in the diseased or affected brain. 

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