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AIAS Workshop

The Origin and Destiny of Life

2019.11.14 | AIAS

Date Fri 29 Nov
Time 09:30 17:00
Location The AIAS Auditorium, Building 1632, Room 201


09:00 AIAS Breakfast

09:30 Welcome

09:35 Session I (AIAS Auditorium: presentations by Fellows, followed by 5 min. questions)

11:05 Break

11:30 Session II (AIAS Auditorium: presentations by Fellows, followed by 5 min. questions)

13:00 Joint lunch (AIAS Hall)

14:00 Session III (Group work at various AIAS locations)

15:00 Session IV (AIAS Hall: Summary of group work in plenum, questions of the day, social event with beer/wine)

17:00 End of program

Welcome (Thomas 5 min.)

Session I (Chair Samia, AIAS Auditorium) 90 min.

  • Thomas (15+5 min.) Life in Space
  • Jennifer (15+5 min.) Earliest known life forms and what happened thereafter
  • Søren (15+5 min.)  Water and Life
  • Renee (10+5 min.) Virus evolution (title TBC)
  • Iwona (10+5 min.) What is Life? Philosophical Approaches to Life and its Concepts

Session II (Chair Cici, AIAS Auditorium) 90 min.

  • Ton (15+5 min.) Asking big questions by curating exhibitions: The time travelers at Moesgaard Museum
  • Christos (15+5 min.) Is the truth out there? References in ancient texts and some thoughts on our future
  • Lisa (10+5 min) Circadian Rhythms and the Life Span
  • Hale (15+5 min.) Can different religions live together in harmony? Why/why not?
  • Open discussions I (10 min.)  - additional questions or input for further discussions later
  • Introduction to group work in Session III (Thomas 5 min.)

Session III (Chair Thomas, AIAS 1630-101, 1630-301, 1632-203, Lounge) 60 min.

  • Group work on 4 different topics to be decided on.
    A) Prospects for future life on Earth
        (Human population growth, resources, religion, war, ...)  
    B) Information overflow and the human brain
        (Can we cope with the enormous data flow? Is a hybrid brain/computer the future?) 
    C) How should mankind respond if contacted by extraterrestrials?
        (Assume an encoded light signal is received, should we answer back?)
    D) Will life develop automatically, or is God needed?
        (Is it simply a matter of a supply of the right chemical elements and conditions?)

Session IV (Chair Jennifer, AIAS Hall) 120 min.

  • Summary of group work (4*10 min.) - along with beer/wine from beginning
  • Anonymous questions box: questions and answers (30 min.)
  • Open discussions II (20 min.)
  • Social event and further informal discussions (30 min.)


The workshop is open for AIAS fellows and AIAS Former fellows.

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