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AIAS Seminar: Karen Gram-Skjoldager, AIAS Fellow

When International Organizations Improvise: Institutional Responses to European Security Crises, 1920-2000

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Friday 19 March 2021,  at 09:00 - 10:15



Online via Zoom: https://aarhusuniversity.zoom.us/j/65694110275

Speaker: Karen Gram-Skjoldager, AIAS JCS Fellow and Associate Professor, Dept. of History, Aarhus University


In our world of nation-states, international organizations have been hugely successful in forging cooperation and achieving shared results. These dynamics are also what have interested historians- However, the current crisis of multilateralism should make us reconsider this focus and consider the essential, yet largely overlooked question: how do IOs react in times of crisis and (potential) disintegration? Given the current ‘return of geopolitics’ as China and Russia implement new, aggressive foreign policy strategies, the project I will be presenting takes a particular interest in international security cooperation and asks: how international bodies tasked with maintaining security in Europe perceived of, reacted to and learned from international political crisis?   

Short bio

Karen Gram-Skjoldager is an Associate Professor of international history at the Department of History and Classical Studies at Aarhus University. She has published widely on Scandinavian foreign policy, international public administration, the League of Nations, international law and diplomacy. Her most recent book (edited with Haakon A. Ikonomou and Torsten Kahlert) Organizing the 20th Century World. International Organizations and the Emergence of International Public Administration, c. 1920-1960, was published with Bloomsbury in November 2020. She currently holds a Jens Christian Skou Fellowship at the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies.

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