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AIAS Seminar: AIAS-SHAPE Fellows group presentation

Democracy and Digital Citizenship

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Monday 4 December 2023,  at 13:15 - 14:30


AIAS, Building 1630 room 301, and online via Zoom

Speakers: Group presentation by the AIAS-SHAPE fellows

The seminar is held in-person, but online attendance is possible via:  https://aarhusuniversity.zoom.us/j/65173958293


In this AIAS seminar a group presentation will be given by the AIAS-SHAPE fellows on the theme 'Democracy and Digital Citizenship'. The fellows investigate the relationship between data/algorithms and democracy/citizenship in individual projects, and thereby contribute to SHAPE’s collective task of developing insights into digital citizenship. 

About SHAPE - Shaping Digital Citizenship

SHAPE – Shaping Digital Citizenship is a research centre which aims to promote democracy and active citizenship in a world characterised by data and algorithms. The goal is to generate knowledge at a high international level as well as contributing to the public debate, the business community and civil society.

SHAPE is a knowledge-seeking, open centre at which a cross-disciplinary approach is regarded as a necessity; and where collaboration with politicians, decision-makers, organisations and other stakeholders is given high priority. SHAPE wishes to contribute to the development of the digital democratic society of the future: locally, nationally and internationally.

For further knowledge about SHAPE, please refer to: https://shape.au.dk

What is an AIAS Seminar?

The AIAS Seminar is a session of seminars held by the AIAS fellow or by other speakers proposed by the fellows. In each seminar, one fellow will present and discuss his/her current research and research project, closing off with a question and discussion session.

All seminars are held in English.