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AIAS Research Seminar: Racism and Anti-racism Discussion Group

2021.01.11 | AIAS

Date Wed 20 Jan
Time 13:00 14:30
Location Online

In collaboration with the Research Unit for the History of Political and Economic Ideas at AU, AIAS is hosting a series of research seminars on racism and anti-racism in the Spring Semester 2021. The seminars are co-convened by Stefan Bargheer and Kei Hiruta from AIAS, and Casper Andersen and Mikkel Thorup from the Department of Philosophy and the History of Ideas at Aarhus University.   

On 20 January, we will discuss ‘Four Statements on the Race Question’ by UNESCO (1969) and ‘Is There a “Neo-Racism”?’ by Etienne Balibar (1991).   

The seminars are open to all AU members. If you would like to participate, please contact Kei Hiruta: kei.hiruta@aias.au.dk