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AIAS Film Screening: Chicago Boys

Screening of Chicago Boys, directed by Carola Fuentes and Rafael Valdeavellano (2016), at Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies.

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Sunday 21 August 2022,  at 17:00 - 19:30


AIAS Lounge

After the 1973 coup which brought Augusto Pinochet to power, a group of Chilean economists were given the power to turn Chile into a laboratory for the world's most radical neo-liberal experiments.

These men, including Sergio de Castro and Rolf Luders, both of whom would serve as ministers of finance during the Pinochet years, met in the 1950s at the University of Chicago, where they studied under the famed economist Milton Friedman, and the man who would become their mentor, Arnold Harberger.

CHICAGO BOYS is their story from their student days through the dictatorship, told by the Chicago Boys themselves. Could their program for 'economic freedom,' such a drastic restructuring of the Chilean economy, only have been implemented by an authoritarian regime? What were they willing to do to achieve their goals? And how do they see the long-term results today?

Watch the trailer here. 


Introduction by Laure Guirguis, AIAS Fellow

Film screening



The film screening is open to all by prior registration via email to organizer Laure Guirguis, laureguirguis@aias.au.dk


Laure Guiguis, AIAS Fellow

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