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AIAS Fellows' Seminar: Christine Parsons, Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus University

The parental brain: tuning in to infant signals

2020.05.12 | Thomas Sejer Canham

Date Mon 08 Jun
Time 14:15 15:15
Location Online via Zoom

Due to the corona crisis and the physical lockdown of the university and the physical distancing, the seminar will be held online, via Zoom:


Invited speaker:  Christine Parsons, Associate Professor at the Interacting Minds Center, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University   


Parents' early interactions with their infants can shape long-term child development. When interacting with an infant, adults intuitively enact a range of behaviours that support infant development, such as altering their speech, establishing eye contact and mirroring infant communicative signals. Infant signals, including vocalisations and facial expressions, are biologically salient, and elicit highly selective responses in the human​ adult brain. These responses may be fundamental in allowing parents to respond rapidly and appropriately to infant needs.

Short bio

Christine Parsons is an Associate Professor at the Interacting Minds Center, Department of Clinical Medicine, AU. She currently holds a Carlsberg Young Investigator Fellowship to examine sleep in new parents. Trained as a psychologist, her work examines mental health, social and emotional functioning, and with a particular focus on early parenting.  

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