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AIAS Director stepping down this fall

After almost eight years at AIAS, Executive Director Morten Kyndrup has decided to step down in five months, on 1 October 2019. Kyndrup will return to his research at the Department of Aesthetics and Culture at Aarhus University.

Photo: Morten Kyndrup. By: Maria Randima Sørensen, AU Photo.

AIAS Director Morten Kyndrup has been with the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies even from before its opening. Now Morten Kyndrup has decided to announce his resignation from 1 October 2019 to return to his professorship.  

‘It has been a privilege and very gratifying to work with the establishment of AIAS, and to build up an Institute that offers the optimal framework for free basic research and supports the meeting between researchers from very different academic disciplines. But now the time has come for new blood to take over and develop an AIAS 2.0. Institutions and individuals should not be identified’, said Morten Kyndrup, who is looking forward to have more time to pursue his own research.

Morten Kyndrup will be in office as an Executive Director of AIAS until the 1 October 2019. By announcing his resignation many months in advance, Kyndrup is wishing to leave ample time for the Aarhus University Rector and management to find a successor and to decide on the future process of further developing the platform of AIAS.

About AIAS

AIAS was initiated by Aarhus University in 2011 and opened officially in 2013 with a mission to foster and advance excellent research at Aarhus University. AIAS is providing researchers from all over the world with the possibility to work in depth with self-defined independent, innovative research ideas and projects through a research fellowship stay that lasts from one up to three years. AIAS has won external funding from the EU, around DKK 82 million from 2014-2022.

The AIAS Fellowships are applied for in an open call in international competition. Every year AIAS receives several hundreds of applications for about a dozen positions. In the 2018 Call for fellowships AIAS has received 333 applications that are currently under international triple-peer review. The Institute hosts about 35 fellows at a time, normally of close to 20 different nationalities.

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Morten Kyndrup, AIAS Executive director and Professor, kyndrup@aias.au.dk
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